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Blockchain Developers are Getting Paid in Bitcoin: Here’s How and Why

Published by Alex Metzger, 3 years ago • 4 minutes to read
UT Austin's McCombs School of Business Part of $50M Blockchain Innovation  Program Launched by Ripple - UT News

A recently published report by the recruiting company Hired indicates that the average Blockchain developer salary is as high as $165k on average. As AI developers get almost the same fair share of the market, blockchain developers still remain more paid and on demand

More and more companies decide to offer interesting perks instead of just straight rising the monthly salary for engineers. And one of the most popular ones is offering to get paid in cryptocurrency.

Why Get Paid in Bitcoin?

German who mined $68 million in bitcoin on others' computers and was jailed  refuses to give up password | South China Morning Post

There are various reasons why a person or an entity would prefer to use Bitcoins in their transactions. Among the reason for using bitcoin include:

How to Find a Blockchain Developer Job Paid With Cryptocurrency

Life Archives | Blockchain Believers

Over time, there are technological advancements that have influenced cryptocurrency use. For instance, freelancers are increasing in number in the US and globally. Since cryptocurrency is close to a frictionless and borderless payment means, many opt to use it to pay for their services. There are online platforms where an interested person can search for a job and get paid with cryptocurrency. Examples of those sites include Crypto Jobs List, AngelList, People per Hour, Moneo, Hire Match, Blocklancer, and Bitjob.

Also, a person can work in the bitcoin business; hence they can connect with businesses hiring people for crypto.

How to Handle Getting Paid in BTC

Privacy and Security Tips

For additional security to your cryptocurrency funds, some tips may help:

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  1. Secure Your Wallets – To have a secure wallet, you should find a company that offers extra security measures than a regular wallet provider.
  2. Back Up All Your Crypto Data
  3. It’s essential to back up the crypto data. If your PC gets hacked, or when your laptop gets physically stolen, you can get another one and restore the data. The data should be kept in an offsite place where it’s not accessible to hackers. Dedicate One Device to Cryptocurrency only – Basing all your cryptocurrency activities and operations on a single device adds extra security. 
  4. Don’t Keep All Your Funds in One Wallet – The first Wallet, the hot Wallet, should conduct trading and transactions — the other Wallet, cold Wallet, or the cold storage, stores your savings. 
  5. Avoid Public Wi-Fi since it can expose you to hackers
  6. Regularly Look for Intrusions – hackers can infect your PC and wait for the perfect time to attack.
    Enable Strong Authentication – enabling a two-factor (strong) authentication is essential to your crypto security. 
  7. Stay Safe Online – it’s not safe to follow any link, email, or invitation since some may have malicious reasons.
    Secure Your Devices – It can be achieved through:

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Bitcoins

Since you now know about bitcoin and how to secure it, let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages.




The world has changed, and there is an increase in digital currencies, Bitcoin included. Therefore, it is the duty of an individual or a company to be cautious not to lose funds in the process. There are also significant advantages of using Bitcoins. The information provided is vital for any person dealing with cryptocurrencies.

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Alex Metzger

Alex is a cryptocurrency enthusiast with a strong technical background. He is running several successful online projects simultaneously, and calls himself a solopreneur.
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