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CV Compiler — the fastest way to improve your tech resume

Published by Andrew Ste, 3 years ago • 3 minutes to read

Before telling you how to improve your tech resume, I’d like to tell you this:

According to research conducted by Ladders, recruiters spend only about 7 seconds analyzing a candidate’s resume. If a tech resume seems unsuitable, HR won’t even bother reading it.

That is especially true for giant companies like Facebook or Amazon, where one vacancy can attract hundreds of candidates.

How can a tech specialist solve this problem? One can either spend time learning how to improve their tech resume or pay a special agency to put it together. While the former option is time-consuming, the latter is often expensive. For example, a flawless tech resume can cost you upwards of $100 if you’re in the USA.

A compromise tech solution

Our CV Compiler is a compromise tech solution to this problem. The tool helps you to improve your tech resume on more than 20 parameters, such as the text length, grammar mistakes, bullet points, GitHub links, and so on. Moreover, if the checker finds any flaws in your resume, it suggests ways to correct them.

Another interesting feature of CV Compiler is that it regularly browses job offers from the top-level companies, (such as Facebook, Netflix, Amazon, and Microsoft), and highlights the 30 most popular skills and requirements. When you upload a resume, the system compares your skills with the technologies currently most in demand. Moreover, the tool finds a top-notch company, which seems like your perfect match. Consider it your own career Tinder 🙂

Right now, CV Compiler supports only resumes in English, and just those for eight professions: Front-end, Back-end, Full-stack, Mobile Developers, Data Scientists, DevOps, QA, and Product Managers.

CV Compiler — a data-driven tool to improve your tech resume

Technical details

In 2017, I launched another tech project — GlossaryTech. It is a browser plug-in for recruiters that highlights and explains complicated technical terms. Thanks to this project, we had already had a rudimentary knowledge of the keyword base and the back-end of the future service. All we had to do was to add NLP technologies and create a neural network to analyze the text of resumes. The neural network was trained on a vast dataset of over one million tech resumes.

In November 2018, our new-born tool was introduced on Product Hunt. It was a success — CV Compiler became ‘The Product of the Day’ and was 4th among the top products of the week. Currently, we have about 13,000 registered users♥. The earliest customers came to CV Compiler from — (our another project for finding jobs abroad.)

Further Development

At the end of January, we expanded the product’s audience by adding the features for Product Managers. Unlike the developers, PMs don’t have any additional resources to highlight their skills, (such as Behance or Dribble), so the requirements in this field are a bit more strict.

In the near future, we plan to offer our product to some European and American boot camps and universities. That means that the system will be adding some additional features for candidates lacking job experience. As the ratings of educational institutions are highly dependent on the employment rates of former students, this could prove very helpful.

Quite soon it will also be possible to convert users’ resumes into web templates. As a result, users will be able to edit them right in their browsers with further downloading. We also plan to expand our library of keywords for jobs within different tech stacks (JS, Java, Ruby, Python, etc.). That will make the tool even more personalized.

Users say that CV Compiler has really helped them to get more invites to interviews, (and we’re more than happy to hear it), but, as the tool has existed for less than 5 months, it’s difficult to measure its effectiveness. Nevertheless, we’re planning on conducting a major survey within a few months. This will help determine how many people got a job through using CV Compiler.

Our global goal is to turn the CV Compiler into an online career consultant of full value.

You can check your tech resume here for free. But to unlock all the features of the resume checker, you’ll have to make a one-time payment. Whichever plan you choose, you can upgrade it at any time.

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Andrew Ste

Andrew is a seasoned HR-Tech entrepreneur, who founded, GlossaryTech, and CV Compiler, products used by software engineers and recruiters worldwide.
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