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How Machine Learning Helps IT Students Land Their First Jobs

Published by Kate Miller, 4 years ago • 3 minutes to read

Machine learning seems to be everywhere — from self-driving cars to FaceApp filters. But how can it help those who are taking their first steps towards an IT career? Actually, our product aims to be the answer to this question. 

When we were creating the initial version of the CV Compiler, we depended on experienced tech professionals — software engineers, product managers, designers, testers, data scientists, etc. Since the launch, about 17K people from 50 countries have tried CV Compiler, some from companies like Facebook, Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft. That taught us that crafting and improving a resume was tough, even for seasoned techies.

Actually, that’s when we got an idea of creating a product specifically for CS graduates and graduates of coding bootcamps.

The problem and its ML-powered solution

According to Hyperiondev, 70% of bootcamp graduates looking for their first coding job found one within 6 months.

But what about the remaining 30% of unemployed ex-students, who also paid the not insignificant tuition fees? Also, what if the 6-month time span could be significantly reduced?

Actually, many employers are somewhat skeptical of coding bootcamps. The coding skills students acquire after 3-6 months are just not enough, based on the feedback of experienced hiring managers. That’s why, being absolutely new to the coding industry, bootcamp graduates have to study not only programming but also how to craft their resumes, deal with recruiters, pass interviews, etc.

The idea of creating a students-only resume improvement tool came about by accident. Our team was working with some coding freshmen, who kept complaining about difficulties in creating their first resumes. That provided the final push to turn our idea to reality. As a result, in May 2019, CV Compiler released a customized version for coding bootcamps and universities.

How it works for students

A student uploads their resume in .docx or .pdf format, (English only.) The system analyzes it, utilizing over 30 parameters, including length, keywords, accomplishments, certifications listed, to name but a few.

CV Compiler — a ML-powered resume improvement tool for tech students

The resume analysis takes about 30 seconds and each student gets personalized suggestions for their resume, as well as a full toolkit for their first job hunt: 


Our current version works for students who are studying software engineering, design, or product management.

Improve your designer resume with CV Compiler — a ML-powered resume enhancement tool for IT specialists

Think of it as your career assistant – personalized, available 24/7, and always responding to the latest employers’ demands. Every student gets full access to the CV Compiler for 6 months after graduation, with the opportunity to re-upload the updated resume a few times.

How it works for bootcamps

First of all, a personalized web page is created for all bootcamp’s students to access the CV Compiler.

CV Compiler — the fastest way to improve your student resume

More importantly, each bootcamp gets access to the admin page, where they can track the progress of their students and alumni. This saves time for the Career Services team, making their work more effective. Instead of explaining the same things to dozens of people and reviewing similar resumes for hours, they can concentrate on career guidance.

Admin panel for a bootcamp/university to track students' progress of creating a resume

The CV Compiler was designed to be easily adjustable to changes in content, resume-check algorithms, etc. In the Premium version, it’s possible to fully customize the student page, based on the preferences of each bootcamp or university.

The progress so far

Several bootcamps have already integrated CV Compiler to their curriculum. More than 300 students have already tried the product.

Would you like to schedule a demo? Just send a message to Andrew, the founder of the CV Compiler.

If you’re an IT student, share this blog post with your Program Coordinators or Student Success teams—we can integrate CV Compiler to your bootcamp/university.

If you’re thinking about studying at one, this list of free coding bootcamps might come in handy.

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Kate Miller

Content Producer at CV Compiler. Passionate writer with an IT-background and huge passion for Data Science.
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