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How to make a Front End developer resume that will get you noticed by recruiters: the story of Matthew Blode

Published by Kate Miller, 3 years ago • 2 minutes to read

Matthew Blode is an aspiring Front End developer from Melbourne with a big passion for React.js and Vue.js. Recently, he tried using CV Compiler to improve his Front End developer resume for Seek, LinkedIn, and Indeed. Read this interview to find out more about Matthew’s experience, and see some useful tech resume and career tips as well.

Matthew Blode — an aspiring front-end developer from Melbourne, and a happy CV Compiler user
Matthew Blode

Short bio:

Position: Front End Dev

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Coding experience: 4-5 years

Favorite tech stack:
React.js and Craft CMS + Vue.js

Matthew, what made you decide to use CV Compiler? Was it curiosity about all the things new, the necessity to polish up your resume before applying to a specific position, or something else?

I was finishing my previous tech job and wanted to polish up my Front End developer resume for Seek, LinkedIn, and Indeed before doing that. That’s when I found CV Compiler on Product Hunt. The product intrigued me, and I decided to give it a try.

What were the outcomes? How have things changed after you improved your tech resume?

I updated my resume and quit my previous job. As I’m studying at university in Melbourne, (it’s my second year of an undergraduate), I’m open to freelance or part-time tech positions only. After improving my resume, I got tons of calls from recruiters. But, unfortunately, they were all looking for people who fill full-time roles. Currently, I’m working part-time as a freelance Front End developer.

In your opinion, what was the biggest mistake in your previous resume?

I had a few bullet points about each job I had done before. However, they weren’t backed up with my achievements or any other trustworthy data.

Quick tip: When describing your experience, try to use the following formula, recommended by Google:

Accomplished [X] as measured [Y] by doing [Z].

E.g.: Led the development of [X] feature, oversaw its integration across [Z] products, resulting in extra [Y] in revenue.

If you had to describe CV Compiler in a few words, what would they be?

I’d describe it as hyper-focused and well-designed.

What websites/newsletters/podcasts do you follow to keep your Front End skills up-to-date? Please share some of your favorites with our readers.

Wes Bos and Level Up Tuts’s YouTube channel are good. By the way, they also have a good common podcast, called Syntax. Time after time, I look through Hacker News, Designer News, GitHub Blog, and CodePen Blog.

What advice would you give to someone struggling with their Front End developer resume?

Check out the online book, Practical Typography, if you don’t think you’re good at formatting resumes or similar documents. Remember that although a good tech resume is only half of the battle, it increases your chances of getting interviews.

If Matthew’s example inspired you to check your own Front End developer resume, tap here. After you upload a file, your feedback will be ready in 30 seconds!

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