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Why Does Your Bootcamp Need Tools Like CV Compiler? Here’s What Turing School Says

Published by Andrew Ste, 3 years ago • 3 minutes to read

This year has brought changes to both the way we live our daily lives and the way we do business, but one thing has remained constant; the high demand for tech talent. That’s undoubtedly one of the reasons why more and more people are switching to a career in IT, and that’s where coding bootcamps come in.

According to the Course Report, the number of coding bootcamps students in the United States and Canada has grown 11x since 2013. In 2019 alone, more than 33k people graduated from US coding bootcamps. 

Are companies hiring graduates now? Yes, but they have become far more selective about who they hire. Having both excellent technical skills and a strong resume is paramount for a successful job-hunt these days. The latter can be quickly done with the help of the CV Compiler.

The app finds weak spots in students’ resumes and suggests ways to upgrade, resulting in more job interviews. Besides automated resume reviews, students get a list of in-demand tech skills, job hunting tactics, LinkedIn tips, and so on.

Last week, we spoke to Allison Reu Singer, Senior Manager of Career Development at Turing School, to find out her thoughts about CV Compiler after a year of its active use in the educational process. Since 2014, this Colorado-based non-profit software development school helped over 900 people launch their dream careers in tech.

Let’s dive in.

What made your team decide to start using CV Compiler? Was it a business need or a willingness to go the extra mile for your students?

We’re always looking for tools to help us streamline our job search support processes, and one of my colleagues heard about CV Compiler during its early stages. We piloted it with some students who appreciated the experience and then decided to utilize it for the broader student body. So, I guess it was both a business need and a way to go the extra mile for students.

Did it require much of your team’s effort and time to integrate CV Compiler into your curriculum?

Nope. In a session on resumes, we include instructions on how to utilize CV Compiler and what to do with the feedback. The tool itself makes it easy for our team to see who has used the tool and who hasn’t.

How do you find the pricing?

I’m not involved in the financial decisions, but it seems that the price is agreeable since our director of finance continues to approve it as an expense!

Do your students find CV Compiler useful? What’s the most common feedback you hear? 

Yes, it’s helpful for them to see how their resume is viewed through an ATS system, and I mostly hear feedback around actionable steps students will take to improve their resume based on the feedback from the system.

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You’ve been offering CV Compiler to your students since June 2019. Are there any positive outcomes (e.g., a higher callback rate for job interviews)?

We offer CV Compiler for the first round of feedback for students when they are still in the program. Therefore, usually, it’s before they are actively applying, and I don’t have data on if there’s a correlation between CV Compiler and interviews. However, students find it useful as a way to understand how to continue to improve their resumes.

How have things changed for your career specialists? What’s been the most significant benefit of using CV Compiler for you guys? 

It’s a helpful tool to create buy-in for students as they will often take the feedback from CV Compiler more seriously than they receive feedback from our career services team. Also, this majorly cuts down on the number of resumes we have to review individually.

Want to learn how CV Compiler could make the job-hunt easier for students of your bootcamp? Check out this page or shoot us an email at, and we’ll do a demo for you.

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Andrew Ste

Andrew is a seasoned HR-Tech entrepreneur, who founded, GlossaryTech, and CV Compiler, products used by software engineers and recruiters worldwide.
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