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Support your students in finding their first tech job

Designed for entry-level and junior roles in tech, our app finds weak spots in students’ resumes and suggests ways to upgrade, resulting in more job interviews.

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Provide your students with access to your personalized CV Compiler account.

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CV Compiler has everything your students need to kick-start their job hunt. All in one place.

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Your students will have full access to the CV Compiler app for six months after graduation.

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Better and faster
search results

A good resume is only half the battle, but it will definitely help your students find their dream job in tech faster.

Benefits for Bootcamps

  • An opportunity to focus on coaching and guiding students on their journey to a new career in tech.
  • Higher-quality student resumes, and hence a 2x-3x higher callback rate for job interviews.
  • A step-by-step guide to an effective job search that students can access at any time during the first six months after graduation.
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Benefits for Students

  • Immediate, personalized resume feedback with actionable steps to improve.
  • Besides automated resume reviews, students get a list of in-demand tech skills, job hunting tactics, job search websites, LinkedIn tips, effective resume templates, and so on.
  • Six-month access to all the content after graduation.

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What’s inside the CV Compiler toolkit?

  • Advanced
  • 6-month access

    Full access to the content at any time within six months.

  • 3 Automatic Resume Reviews

    Instant, personalized resume feedback and ways to upgrade (with examples).

  • 5 Eye-Catching Resume Templates

    5 downloadable student resume templates. Simple and effective.

  • Cover Letter Examples

    Tips and templates for creating an amazing cover letter.

  • Effective Lines

    Bullet point writing tips and examples.

  • Resume 'Power' Words

    Words and phrases that will transform any student resume.

  • Job Search Handbook

    A step-by-step guide to an effective job search, plus a list of job search sites.

  • Mastering The Interview

    Tips, tricks, and online resources to use to prepare for a job interview.

  • Tech Insights

    Lists of tech skills employers look for most often.

  • ATS Compliance

    Everything your students need to know about Applicant Tracking Systems.

  • LinkedIn Hacks

    Quick tips to make your profile more noticeable to potential employers and recruiters.

  • Useful Reads

    A handpicked list of useful, relevant articles.

  • All Upcoming Features

    We’re constantly improving existing ‘resume-checking’ algorithms, updating and adding new content. Your students will have access to all upcoming new features without extra fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the service cost?

The price varies depending on the number of access codes you need. Drop us a line at andrew@cvcompiler.com for more information about pricing.

Who is the service designed for?

The service is available for both offline and online bootcamps. Currently, CV Compiler works well for software engineers, mobile developers, data scientists, DevOps, and QA specialists. If one of these matches your specialization, contact us and we’ll do a demo for your bootcamp.

Do we plan to make it available for other specialities as well?

Absolutely! However, it may take some time. We need to market test the current version of CV Compiler first.

Is it a resume builder?

No, not really. CV Compiler analyzes resumes and suggests immediate personalized improvements, with examples. We’re doing our best, however, to turn it into a smart online resume builder in the near future.


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