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Our online resume checker scans your resume for ATS compatibility and improvement areas.

  • Our tool will scan your resume for any costly grammatical mistakes.
  • Get your resume checked for ATS compatibility & recruiter appeal

    Before your resume reaches a human reviewer, it usually must pass through applicant tracking system (ATS) software. ATS scans filter out resumes that don't meet certain criteria, like having the right keywords or proper formatting.

    To make it past ATS and impress hiring managers, you need to optimize your resume. But figuring out exactly what to change is tough. That's where our resume checker comes in.

    Our tool instantly scans your resume like an ATS would, checking for common issues that can get you rejected. It then provides a detailed report on your resume's score, with clear guidance on how to improve it section by section.

    The resume checker also evaluates your resume from a recruiter's perspective, making sure it will stand out when a human reviews it. Identify your resume's strengths and weaknesses in seconds - then fix them to land more interviews.

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Why you need to check your resume before applying

Submitting your resume without double-checking it is a big risk. Our online resume checker helps you play it safe by:

  • Catching ATS deal-breakers
    We scan your resume like an ATS would, flagging formatting and keyword issues that can get you instantly rejected.
  • Optimizing your first impression
    Busy recruiters decide within seconds whether a resume is worth reading. We check that your top third is optimized to grab their attention.
  • Highlighting your key selling points
    Our analysis makes sure you're highlighting the right skills and achievements for your target role - the things that will make recruiters want to interview you.
  • Eliminating "lazy" writing
    From overused cliches to passive voice, we point out language that makes your resume less impressive and provide suggestions for improving it.

Discover what's holding your resume back

💡     Tip: The best resume checkers go beyond the basics. Ours evaluates the small details that make a big difference, like your writing style, skill emphasis, and how well you demonstrate your impact. It's like having an expert recruiter review your resume and tell you exactly how to improve it.

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  • Examples of common resume mistakes people make

    Examples of common issues we'll check your resume for

  • Is your resume secretly sabotaging your job search?

    On the surface, your resume might seem fine. But the way recruiters and ATS systems analyze resumes is different from how most job seekers think.

    For example, let's say you're applying for a project manager position. Your resume mentions that title a couple times and lists some relevant skills. Looks good, right?

    Not necessarily. An ATS scan might reveal that your resume is missing important keywords that appear in the job description, like "Agile" or "stakeholder management". Meanwhile, a recruiter would quickly notice if you've left off key details, like how many people you led or the size of the budget you managed.

    Omissions and oversights like these add up. They can cause the ATS to rank you below other candidates, or make a recruiter doubt your qualifications. Our resume checker uncovers these hidden problems so you can fix them before submitting.

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  • Resume writing secrets to impress ATS & recruiters

    Top candidates tailor their resumes to each role, speaking directly to the needs and priorities of that job. Our resume checker looks for this kind of custom optimization.

    For starters, we analyze how well your resume matches the keywords from the job description. Do you mention the right skills and qualifications? Are you using the same language as the employer to describe your experience?

    We also check your formatting and section order. ATS expect a standard structure, so the wrong layout can hurt your ranking. For human readers, your most relevant selling points should come first. We make sure your resume follows these best practices.

  • Stand out with a resume that is error-free
  • Our resume checker will run over twenty checks over your resume, including grammar checks like whether you have used the right active/passive voice, the right tenses, and conveyed your impact correctly.
  • Let our resume checker guide you to job search success

    Every role you apply for has different requirements. To maximize your chances, you need to optimize your resume every time. Using our resume checker, you can do this in just a few clicks.

    Get an instant assessment of how your resume performs on key factors like ATS readability, skill matching, experience level, and recruiter appeal. See exactly where you stand and what to tweak.

    Our tool draws on analysis of thousands of resumes and hiring manager preferences to provide the most relevant, effective suggestions. It's like having a professional review your resume for free, whenever you need.

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  • Proven to increase your callback rate

    Our users get 3x more interviews and callbacks with their improved resumes. And we see this consistently.

    But we rather you hear it directly from our users. Take a look at some of our recent reviews.

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