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Upload your resume to our online resume fixer tool and get instant, actionable suggestions to improve it. Our AI will analyze your resume like a hiring expert, spotting mistakes and areas for improvement. Implement the fixes to optimize your resume and boost your interview callback rate.

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Our resume fixer tool scans your resume for mistakes and shows you exactly how to fix them to get more interviews.

  • Our AI-powered resume fixer will scan your resume for costly mistakes and tell you exactly how to fix them.
  • Fix your resume's biggest mistakes in seconds

    Applying for jobs with a flawed resume is a recipe for disappointment. Even a great candidate can get overlooked due to preventable resume mistakes.

    Our online resume fixer uses AI to rapidly spot errors in your resume that could hurt your chances, just like an applicant tracking system (ATS) or recruiter would. But it doesn't just flag problems - it provides clear, actionable suggestions to resolve them.

    In a matter of seconds, you'll know exactly what changes to make to pass ATS scans and impress hiring managers. Implement the fixes and reupload your resume to watch your score rise. It's the quickest, easiest way to go from a flawed draft to a polished, persuasive resume.

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The most common resume mistakes (and how we fix them)

Our resume fixer looks for all the issues that most commonly get resumes rejected, such as:

  • ATS incompatibility
    The wrong file format, fonts, graphics or tables can make your resume unreadable to ATS. We flag these issues so you can make your resume ATS-friendly.
  • Poor section optimization
    We make sure each section of your resume - from your summary to skills to experience - is optimized to sell your strengths for the role you want.
  • Missing keywords
    Both ATS and human reviewers look for specific keywords from the job description. We identify important terms you're missing so you can work them in.
  • Lack of metrics
    Whenever possible, your resume should quantify your achievements to show your impact. We point out where you can add metrics to make your contributions more concrete.

Get AI-powered suggestions to avoid rejection

💡     Tip: The key to fixing your resume is understanding exactly where it falls short. Our AI-powered analysis breaks down your resume section by section, uncovering hidden issues and suggesting precise improvements you can make to get more interviews.

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  • Examples of common resume mistakes people make

    Examples of common issues we'll check your resume for

  • Your resume, fixed to fit your target roles

    One size does not fit all when it comes to resumes. The content and style that hiring managers look for varies by industry, seniority level and role.

    To give you the most relevant fixes, our resume tool takes into account your career stage and the types of positions you're targeting. The feedback you receive will be tailored to your goals.

    For example, a recent graduate's resume might be flagged for lacking internships or leadership experience, with suggestions for other accomplishments to highlight instead. A mid-career professional, on the other hand, might get pointers on how to convey their increasing responsibility and scope of work.

    No matter your situation, the end result will be a resume that fits your level and aligns with current hiring standards in your field, maximizing your chances of landing interviews.

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  • Go beyond fixing mistakes with AI-powered rewrites

    Finding and fixing resume flaws is a great start. But what if you could make your existing resume content stronger and more compelling with AI-assisted rewrites?

    That's exactly what our resume fixer offers, in addition to pinpointing mistakes. It uses advanced language models to understand your current phrasing and suggest more powerful alternatives that better sell your qualifications.

    In the tool, you'll see AI-generated suggestions for rewording your resume summary, experience and skills to be more impactful and tailored to your target role. You can implement the AI rewrites with a single click, watching your resume transform before your eyes.

    Fix your resume's mistakes and enhance its content at the same time - all in one easy-to-use AI tool. It's the fastest route to a job-winning resume.

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  • We'll use AI to enhance and rewrite your resume content, not just check it.
  • Our AI resume fixer will scan your resume for ATS compatibility and other mistakes, showing you how to correct them to get more interviews.
  • See the resume fixer in action

    Curious how our AI tool can improve your resume? The best way to find out is to try it yourself. Upload your resume and within seconds, you'll get:

    - A detailed analysis of your resume's current strengths and weaknesses in key areas like ATS optimization, section targeting, and more

    - Specific instructions for fixing mistakes and elevating your content to better align with your career goals and target roles

    - AI-powered rewrite suggestions for making your language more compelling and persuasive to hiring managers

    Implementing our tool's feedback can dramatically improve your resume's impact and performance. But the only way to see the difference it can make for you is to get started.

    Upload your resume now for an instant, AI-powered fix. It's a small step that can have a big impact on your job search success.

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  • Proven to boost interviews & hiring prospects

    Our users report 3x more interviews on average after fixing their resumes with our AI tool. But don't just take our word for it - see what they have to say:

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