6 Customer Service Consultant Resume Examples for 2024

In this article, we unpack resume essentials for becoming a customer service consultant, with sample resumes that get noticed. Learn to highlight your skills, experience, and accomplishments in customer service clearly and effectively. For job seekers in this field, we provide concrete steps to present your background in a way that resonates with employers and leads to successful hiring outcomes.

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At a Glance

Here's what we see in standout customer service consultant resumes.

  • Quantify Your Impact: The best resumes show how you made a difference. Use numbers to show your achievements. Common metrics include customer satisfaction scores, average handling time, first contact resolution, and customer retention rates.

  • Match Your Skills To The Job Description: Include skills on your resume that you have and are mentioned in the job description. Some popular ones are CRM software proficiency, data entry, multi-line phone systems, live chat support, and ticketing system expertise.

  • Show Specialized Knowledge: Highlight knowledge relevant to the role. For instance, if you are experienced in insurance, use phrases like familiar with policy types. This shows you understand the industry you'll serve.

Placement of education section

As a customer service consultant, you should list your education details based on your career progression. If you're currently in the workforce or have substantial experience, place your professional experience first. But if you're fresh out of academia or have recently completed significant additional education like an MBA or specialist bootcamp, then it is beneficial to put your education first. This indicates your recent focus on comprehensive learning.

An entry-level candidate or recent graduate should also position the education details at the start of the resume. Doing so showcases the academic credentials you bring to the role and communicates your foundational knowledge of the industry.

Showcasing adaptability

In the customer service field, adaptability is highly valued. Illustrate instances where you have successfully adapted to new procedures, systems, or environments. This directly shows your flexibility and readiness to handle changing client needs and industry trends.

Also, fluency in using various customer service platforms and tools will set you apart. Highlight your proficiency in customer relationship management software, live chat applications, or specific industry-related applications you've used extensively in previous roles.

Ideal resume length

The ideal resume for a customer service consultant should be succinct yet informative. For entry-level or mid-level candidates with less than 10 years of experience, usually a one-page resume is recommended. This allows you to present a concise overview of your skills, experiences, and qualifications.

Senior level candidates can stretch their resume to two pages to make room for a more extensive review of their experiences and achievements. However, this doesn't mean filling up space with unnecessary details. Keep your narrative tight and relevant to the role.

Getting into the customer service industry

Breaking into customer service consulting isn't just about listing relevant qualifications and experience. Key industry-specific skills, such as excellent communication ability, empathy, quick problem-solving, and a client-focused approach, should be highlighted on your resume.

Citing real-life scenarios where you dealt with a challenging customer situation and turned it around successfully can make a serious impact. And specificity matters; rather than vaguely claiming 'problem-solving skills', give a concise account of how you solved a particular client issue.

Beat the resume bots

When you apply for a customer service consultant role, your resume may first be read by a computer program called an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). To make sure your resume gets seen by a hiring manager, follow these tips:

  • Use keywords that match the job description. Look for skills and terms that are repeated in the job listing and include them in your resume. For a customer service role, words like 'problem-solving,' 'customer satisfaction,' and 'product knowledge' are often important.
  • Format your resume clearly. Make sure you use a standard font, like Arial or Times New Roman, and include plenty of white space for easy reading. Avoid graphics or tables as they can confuse the ATS.

Remember, a good resume opens the door to an interview where you can show your customer service skills in person.

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