4 Entry-Level Virtual Assistant Resume Examples for 2024

Starting your career as a virtual assistant is exciting but putting together a strong resume can be challenging. This article provides proven resume examples. You will also get strategic advice on how to highlight your skills and experiences effectively. With clear guidance and industry-specific tips, you will be prepared to stand out in the competitive entry-level market.

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At a Glance

Here's what we see in the best entry-level virtual assistant resumes.

  • Show Impact With Numbers: Use metrics to show your impact. Common metrics include reduced response times by 30%, saved 10 hours per week, managed schedules for 5 executives, and increased customer satisfaction by 20%.

  • Focus On Relevant Skills And Tools: Include skills on your resume that you have and are mentioned on the job description. Some popular ones are Microsoft Office, Google Workspace, calendar management, email management, and data entry. But don't include all of them, choose the ones you have and are mentioned in the JD.

  • Highlight Remote Work Experience: If you have remote work experience, highlight it. Sample phrases include managed tasks remotely, remote team coordination, and virtual client meetings.

Example #1

Entry-Level Virtual Assistant
Resume Sample

Your Name
Entry-Level Virtual Assistant
City, Country  •  (123) 456-789  •  [email protected]  •  linkedin.com/in/your-profile
Resume Worded June 2022 - Present
Virtual Assistant
Executed social media management strategies that increased followers by 25% and engagement rates by 15% over six months
Automated scheduling processes using Calendly, reducing appointment scheduling errors by 30% and saving 10 hours per week
Coordinated and maintained digital filing systems, increasing document retrieval speed by 50%
Processed and managed expense reports, reducing processing time by 20% through the implementation of a streamlined digital system
Handled customer inquiries through email and live chat, improving customer satisfaction scores by 35%
Coached.com April 2020 - May 2022
Administrative Assistant
Developed an organizational system for project documentation, reducing search times by 40%
Facilitated communication between departments, which resulted in a 15% increase in project completion rates
Managed executive schedules, ensuring 95% adherence to appointment times and deadlines
WeWork June 2018 - March 2020
Office Assistant
Streamlined office supply inventory management, reducing costs by 20% through bulk purchasing agreements
Implemented a new electronic filing system, which improved document accessibility by 60%
Coordinated internal events and meetings, increasing employee satisfaction by 10%
Target January 2017 - May 2018
Retail Assistant
Executed inventory control methods, reducing stock discrepancies by 15%
Trained new staff in using point-of-sale systems, contributing to a 10% reduction in transaction errors
Implemented customer feedback processes, enhancing customer satisfaction by 20%
Resume Worded Institute May 2022
Certified Administrative Professional (CAP)
Focused on office administration efficiency and technology
Part-time to accommodate full-time employment
Resume Worded Academic Center May 2018
Associate of Applied Science - Office Administration
Specialized coursework in virtual collaboration tools
Graduated with Cum Laude honors
Office Software: MS Office Suite (Expert), Google Workspace (Expert), Slack (Intermediate), Trello (Intermediate), Asana (Intermediate), Zoom (Expert)
Customer Relationship Management: Salesforce (Intermediate), Zoho CRM (Intermediate), HubSpot CRM (Basic), Freshdesk (Basic), Pipedrive (Basic), Zendesk (Basic)
Communication Tools: Email Management (Expert), Live Chat Support (Intermediate), VoIP Systems (Intermediate), Social Media Management (Intermediate), Intercom (Basic), Mailchimp (Basic)
Organizational: File Management (Expert), Data Entry (Expert), Scheduling (Expert), Travel Coordination (Intermediate), Proofreading (Intermediate), Research (Intermediate)
Certifications: Notary Public (2023), Time Management Mastery (2021)
Professional Development: Completed 'Effective Remote Work' course (2022), Advanced Microsoft Excel Training (2019)
Volunteering: Virtual Tutor for English and Math with Remote Helpers Association (2021 – Present)
Awards: Employee of the Quarter, Coached.com (2021), Top Customer Service Award, WeWork (2019)

Position education prominently

If you are new to being a virtual assistant, show your education early in your resume. Place it right after your contact information and summary. You want to make it easy for hiring managers to see your academic background quickly. They will look for relevant courses or training you have completed.

Focus on any skills from your education that suit a virtual assistant role. For example, if you studied communication or business administration, highlight this in the education section of your resume. Include any experience with technology, like proficiency in using office software, as this is important for virtual assistants. Your goal is to show you have the foundation to learn quickly and perform well in this role.

Example #2

Entry-Level Virtual Assistant
Resume Sample

Your Name
Entry-Level Virtual Assistant
City, Country  •  (123) 456-789  •  [email protected]  •  linkedin.com/in/your-profile
Coached.com March 2021 - Present
Virtual Assistant
Managed email campaigns using Mailchimp, resulting in a 20% increase in open rates
Automated data entry tasks using Google Sheets scripts, improving data accuracy by 25% and reducing manual entry time by 50%
Scheduled and coordinated virtual meetings for 15+ team members, achieving a 95% attendance rate
Updated and maintained client databases, enhancing data integrity and reducing duplication by 30%
Created and distributed weekly newsletters, increasing reader engagement by 40%
Resume Worded January 2019 - February 2021
Administrative Assistant
Implemented document management system, reducing administrative errors by 20%
Coordinated travel arrangements for executives, leading to a 10% reduction in travel costs
Prepared accurate and timely reports, enhancing data-driven decision making
Amazon June 2017 - December 2018
Customer Service Representative
Resolved customer complaints quickly, achieving a 95% customer satisfaction rate
Trained new customer service representatives, enhancing overall team performance by 20%
Processed returns and exchanges, reducing resolution time by 15%
IBM June 2016 - May 2017
Assisted with data analysis projects, improving the accuracy of data reports by 10%
Provided administrative support to project managers, keeping project timelines on track
Prepared and organized project documentation, improving accessibility and usability by 30%
Resume Worded University April 2021
Certificate in Business Administration
Focused on administrative efficiency and technology integration
Completed alongside full-time Virtual Assistant role (Part-time)
Resume Worded Institute May 2019
Associate of Arts in Business Communication
Emphasis on digital communication and office software proficiency
Relevant coursework in customer relations and support services
Communication Tools: Slack, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Trello, Asana, Google Workspace
Customer Relationship Management: Salesforce, Zendesk, HubSpot, Freshdesk, Zoho CRM, LiveAgent
Document & Data Management: Google Docs, Microsoft Office Suite, Airtable, Notion, Dropbox, Evernote
Languages: English (Native), Spanish (Conversational), French (Basic)
Certifications: Microsoft Certified: Enterprise Administrator Expert (2020), Certified Administrative Professional (CAP) - IAAP (2018)
Professional Development: Attended the Annual Conference for Administrative Excellence, 2020 & 2022
Volunteering: Volunteer Coordinator for Local Community Food Bank (2018-Present)
Technical Skills: Basic HTML & CSS knowledge, Familiarity with WordPress content management

Showcase communication abilities

Communication is key for virtual assistants. Highlight any experience with email management, customer service, or social media. These skills show you can effectively handle remote communication.

Include details on how you managed communications in previous roles or education, such as leading group projects or managing an inbox during an internship.

Example #3

Entry-Level Virtual Assistant
Resume Sample

Your Name
Entry-Level Virtual Assistant
City, Country  •  (123) 456-789  •  [email protected]  •  linkedin.com/in/your-profile
Resume Worded August 2021 - Present
Junior Virtual Assistant
Managed social media accounts, increasing engagement by 20% through targeted campaigns
Implemented email filtering systems, reducing inbox congestion by 25% and improving response times
Assisted in webinar setup and management, enhancing attendee experience and increasing attendance by 30%
Conducted market research, providing actionable insights that contributed to a 15% growth in client leads
Maintained client CRM databases, ensuring data accuracy and enhancing client follow-up processes
Coached.com March 2019 - July 2021
Office Clerk
Streamlined office communication protocols, reducing email response times by 40%
Developed Excel spreadsheets for data tracking, improving accuracy and efficiency by 25%
Coordinated supply orders, cutting supply costs by 10% through better inventory management
Google September 2017 - February 2019
Managed front desk operations, increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction by 15%
Scheduled appointments and managed calendars, achieving a 98% adherence rate to schedules
Implemented a new visitor logging system, improving security and tracking by 20%
Walmart January 2016 - August 2017
Retail Associate
Executed inventory audits, reducing discrepancies by 15%
Assisted in the onboarding of new team members, enhancing team performance by 10%
Conducted customer surveys, providing insights to improve store layout and increase sales by 5%
Resume Worded Institute June 2021
Certified Administrative Professional (CAP)
Intensive coursework in office management and technology
Achieved certification while working as a full-time Office Clerk (Part-time)
Resume Worded University May 2019
Associate of Arts in Business Administration
Focused on business communication and organizational behavior
Completed courses in time management and office administrative systems
Office Software: MS Office Suite (Advanced), Google Workspace (Advanced), Slack (Intermediate), Zoom (Intermediate), Trello (Intermediate), Asana (Intermediate)
Customer Support: Live Chat Support (Advanced), Email Handling (Advanced), Help Scout (Intermediate), Zendesk (Intermediate), Intercom (Basic), Freshdesk (Basic)
Administrative Skills: Data Entry (Advanced), Calendar Management (Advanced), Bookkeeping (Intermediate), Travel Arrangements (Intermediate), CRM Software (Salesforce Intermediate), Transcription (Intermediate)
Languages: English (Native), Spanish (Conversational), French (Basic)
Certifications: Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certification (2020), Time Management Workshop Completion (2019)
Professional Development: Attended Virtual Assistants Conference (2022), Participated in 'The Productive VA' online seminar (2021)
Volunteering: Weekly virtual administrative support for local non-profit (2020-Present)
Personal Projects: Creator of a productivity blog with tips on remote work efficiency (Since 2018)

Ideal resume length

You need a resume length that is easy to read and shows your skills quickly. For an entry-level virtual assistant, aim for one page. This length is enough to list your skills, education, and any relevant experience. It makes clear to the hiring manager that you can organize information well.

When creating your resume, focus on including your most recent and relevant work. Make sure these experiences relate directly to virtual assistant tasks, like managing emails, scheduling, or data entry. This directs the hiring manager's attention to what is most important. Remember, a good resume is not about having many pages, but about choosing the right information.

Example #4

Junior Administrative Assistant
Resume Sample

Your Name
Junior Administrative Assistant
City, Country  •  (123) 456-789  •  [email protected]  •  linkedin.com/in/your-profile
Coached.com May 2022 - Present
Junior Administrative Assistant
Managed digital calendars for three executives, reducing scheduling conflicts by 25%
Organized and archived office documents, reducing retrieval time by 35%
Coordinated virtual events, increasing participation rates by 20%
Created and maintained spreadsheets to track budget expenditures, improving financial accuracy by 15%
Implemented new office communication protocols, resulting in 20% more efficient team collaboration
Resume Worded June 2021 - April 2022
Assisted in developing project timelines, improving project completion rates by 10%
Conducted data entry and analysis tasks, improving database accuracy by 15%
Supported team in administrative tasks, improving overall office efficiency by 5%
Google September 2019 - May 2021
Office Assistant
Managed office supplies, reducing costs by 15% through efficient stock control
Implemented a new digital filing system, decreasing document retrieval times by 20%
Scheduled and coordinated meetings, ensuring 95% attendance
Amazon April 2018 - August 2019
Customer Service Representative
Resolved customer issues promptly, achieving a 92% customer satisfaction rate
Handled high volume of calls and emails, increasing resolution efficiency by 18%
Updated customer service manuals, enhancing team performance by 10%
Resume Worded Institute April 2022
Certified Administrative Professional (CAP)
Focused on enhancing office administration skills and procedures
Part-time certification completed alongside full-time employment at Resume Worded
Resume Worded University May 2019
Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration
Concentration in Management Information Systems
Achievements: Honors Graduate, President of the Student Business Association
Office Management: Microsoft Office Suite, Google Workspace, Scheduling, Data Entry, Inventory Management, Records Management
Communication Tools: Slack, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Email Etiquette, VoIP, Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Software & Platforms: QuickBooks, Adobe Acrobat, Asana, Trello, Salesforce, SharePoint
Languages: English (Native), Spanish (Conversational), French (Basic)
Certifications: Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Expert (2021), Advanced Communication Certification (2020)
Professional Affiliations: Member of the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP), National Association for Female Executives (NAFE) affiliate
Volunteering: Volunteer office administrator for local non-profit organizations, coordinated multiple fundraising events
Projects: Initiated office sustainability project resulting in a 30% reduction in paper waste, Implemented new filing system increasing retrieval efficiency by 25%

Highlight technical skills

For an entry-level virtual assistant position, list technical skills like proficiency in Microsoft Office, G Suite, and online communication tools. These tools are essential for daily virtual assistant tasks.

Include any experience with project management software like Asana or Trello, even if it’s from school projects. Showing you can handle these tools gives you a competitive edge.

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