7 Makeup Artist Resume Examples for 2024

Crafting your resume as a makeup artist calls for a blend of personal flair and professional precision. This article provides resume samples that have caught the eye of industry pros, complete with tips to shape your own experience and skills into a strong job application. Whether you're fresh to the field or looking to brush up your profile, you'll find essential guidance tailored for the unique demands of makeup artistry.

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At a Glance

Here's what we see in the top resumes for makeup artists.

  • Quantifying Your Impact: Strong resumes show your impact with numbers. Include clients served per day with clients served, hours saved through efficient techniques with hours saved, percentage of return customers with customer retention rate, and products sales increased with sales growth.

  • Matching Skills With Job Descriptions: You should include skills you have that are also in the job description. Add skills like airbrushing techniques, special effects makeup, color theory knowledge, high-definition makeup, and makeup artistry certification if you have them and they're mentioned.

  • Understanding Industry Trends: Keep up with makeup trends and product innovations. On your resume, phrases like follows industry trends or knowledge of new products show that you're current in your field.

Organizing your education section

As a makeup artist, your education and training are keys to success. If you are new to the industry or have recently finished a makeup artistry course, highlight your education at the top of your resume. This will show your dedication and latest knowledge in the field. Include the name of the institution, the type of course or certification, and the completion date. For more experienced artists, feature your work experience first, but keep your education details clear and concise on the page.

Always make sure your most relevant training for the role you are applying for is easy to find. If you have attended specialized workshops or seminars, include these to showcase a broad skill set.

Showcasing soft skills and personality

Soft skills are vital for makeup artists. Your resume should reflect your ability to work well with clients and teams. Include achievements or roles where you have demonstrated good communication and customer service. This can help show that you are personable and professional.

Also, use your resume to express your creativity. Mention any times you have contributed unique ideas or styles in previous jobs. A good makeup artist needs to be both creative and technical, so displaying this balance is crucial.

Ideal resume length

Keep your resume to one page, especially if you have less than 10 years of experience in makeup artistry. This length makes it easy for hiring managers to review your qualifications quickly. Use a clear template that presents your information in a neat way.

For those with a longer career, focus on the most relevant and recent jobs. This will help keep your resume within two pages. Remember to avoid including outdated education or irrelevant work experiences that don't support your current career goals.

Highlighting relevant experience

In the makeup industry, practical experience is very important. Include photos or links to a portfolio of your work. This gives employers a clear idea of your style and technique. List your most impressive jobs first, such as work on film sets or fashion shows, to grab attention right away.

Detail any unique makeup skills you have, like special effects or airbrushing, as these are valuable in the field. Also mention any experience with diverse skin types and tones, as this is crucial for a makeup artist.

Optimize for applicant tracking systems

When you apply for a job as a makeup artist, your resume might first be read by a computer program called an applicant tracking system (ATS) before a person sees it. To get through this first step, make sure your resume can be easily read by these systems.

  • Use standard headings like 'Work Experience' and 'Education' to help the ATS understand your resume.
  • Include keywords from the job description such as 'cosmetic techniques' and 'customer service' that are relevant to makeup artistry. This helps the ATS see that your skills match the job.

Personalize your resume

To stand out as a makeup artist, tailor your resume to show how your skills match the job. Focus on relevant experience, creativity, and customer service to catch a hiring manager's eye. Show them you're the right person for their team.

  • Highlight makeup techniques you've mastered and products you've used, like airbrushing or HD makeup.
  • Showcase your leadership by sharing events or projects you've led, such as managing a makeup team for a theater production.
  • If you're coming from a different career, link past job skills, like customer service or sales experience, to makeup artistry tasks.
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