7 Sales Manager Resume Examples for 2024

As a hiring manager, I've seen countless resumes for sales management roles. A good resume showcases not just your past sales success, but your potential to lead a team. In this article, we offer proven resume examples and strategic advice to help you display your skills effectively. Learn the right way to highlight your leadership, sales, and strategic planning experience. With our guidance, you'll tailor your resume to catch any employer's eye.

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At a Glance

Here's what we see in standout resumes for sales managers.

  • Show Your Impact With Numbers: Your resume should show how you have improved sales. Include percent increases in revenue, number of deals closed, growth in market share, and customer retention rates. Numbers help you show the real impact you made.

  • Match Your Skills With The Job Description: Include skills on your resume that you have and are mentioned in the job description. Some popular ones are CRM software proficiency, data analysis, pipeline management, forecasting, and contract negotiation.

  • Highlight Your Strategy Development: Show you can create plans to increase sales. Use phrases like 'developed sales strategy', 'implemented pricing models', and 'optimized sales funnel' to show this skill.

Education section order

On your resume, the location of your education section sends a message about its importance in your career. If you have been working in sales for many years, put your job experience first. Your work history shows your skills better. But if you just finished a new degree, like an MBA, put education first to show why you haven't been working.

For those fresh in their career or recent graduates, listing education at the top helps highlight your recent accomplishments and academic knowledge relevant to sales management roles.

Highlight sales success

In a sales manager resume, it is critical to highlight not only your management experience but also your sales records. Use clear numbers to show your results. For instance, 'Grew regional sales by 20%' is strong and clear. This shows you not only lead but also deliver real results.

Also, mention specific sales strategies you have mastered or implemented. It shows you have the skills needed in a real work setting.

Ideal resume length

Your resume should be one page if you have less than 10 years of experience in roles related to sales. This length forces you to focus on your most important achievements and sales successes. For those with more than 10 years of experience or in a senior sales manager role, two pages allow you to detail your extensive experience and leadership growth.

Remember, every line should show your value to the role of manager in sales: focus on key results and leadership experiences.

Show leadership skills

Being a good leader is key to being a good manager in sales. On your resume, show how you have led teams. Use examples like 'Managed a team of 15 sales reps' or 'Led training sessions for new sales software'. These show that you can guide and grow a sales team.

Also, if you have experience with recruiting or training new team members, make sure to include it. It shows you can build a strong sales team, which is very important in a manager's role.

Beat the resume scanners

When you apply for a job, your resume might first be seen by a computer, not a person. This system is called an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). To help make sure your resume gets noticed by a hiring manager, you need to understand how these systems work.

Use keywords from the job description. For example, if the job is for a sales manager, include words like 'sales growth' and 'team leadership'. These are terms the ATS looks for. Also, list your sales achievements in numbers. For example, say 'increased sales by 20%' or 'grew the customer base by 30%'. Numbers like these will show your success in sales.

Here are some things you should do:

  • Write your job experiences in a way that matches the job you want. Use simple language and short phrases.
  • Make sure to include words related to sales management, like 'revenue targets' and 'market strategy', to show you know the field.

Tailor your resume

When you apply for a sales manager role, you need to show you have the right skills. You must make it clear that your past work has prepared you for this job. List past jobs, but focus on what you did that relates to managing sales.

  • Use bullet points to highlight how you've led a sales team or project. Say how many people you managed and the results you got. For example, you could write: Managed a team of 10 sales associates, increasing overall sales by 20%.
  • Show numbers to prove your success. For example, talk about how much you grew a sales territory: Expanded sales territory by 35% within two years.
  • If you have experience in a different job, talk about skills that also matter for sales managers. For example, if you worked in customer service, show how you handled customer problems and how that can help you understand client needs.
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