7 Consulting Resume Examples for 2024

In this article, you'll find proven resume examples and strategic advice tailored for the consulting field. Learn how to highlight key skills, relevant experience, and education effectively. Our aim is to help you meet industry standards and increase your chances of landing a job in consulting.

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At a Glance

Here's what we see in the best consulting resumes:

  • Show Impact With Numbers: Effective resumes highlight achievements with metrics. Include increase profits by 20%, reduce costs by 15%, improve client satisfaction by 30%, and boost team efficiency by 25%.

  • Include Relevant Skills: Include skills on your resume that you have and are mentioned on the job description. Some popular ones are Data Analysis, Project Management, Strategic Planning, CRM Software, and Financial Modeling. But don't include all of them, choose the ones you have and are mentioned in the JD.

  • Highlight Consulting Experience: Highlight your past work in consulting roles. Use phrases like led client projects, conducted market research, and delivered strategic solutions.

Education section placement

On your resume, if you're new to the workforce or recently finished a higher education program like an MBA, place your education at the top. This shows why you may have less work experience and highlights your academic background. For those with work experience in areas like consulting, list your education after your professional experience to emphasize your practical skills first.

When you have specialized consulting training or certifications, make sure to include these near the top of your education section. This shows you have the right knowledge for the consulting industry.

Highlight consulting skills

You must show your analytical and problem-solving skills clearly. Include specific examples like how you improved a process, saved money, or increased efficiency. Consulting firms look for these skills.

Also, mention any experience with data analysis tools or methodologies like Six Sigma. These are valuable in consulting and will set you apart from other applicants.

Ideal resume length

For consulting roles, your resume length is key. If you are at the start of your career or have less than ten years of experience, keep to a one-page resume. This shows you can communicate your value clearly and concisely. Senior professionals with more depth in their career can stretch to two pages. It is crucial that you include the most relevant accomplishments and skills for the role you seek.

When listing your experience, focus on results and responsibilities that align with consulting. Include metrics where possible to demonstrate your impact. Prioritize experiences that show your ability to analyze, solve problems, and communicate effectively. If the page count goes over, review and remove less relevant information to ensure your strongest points are easy to find and read.

Network and certifications

Building a strong network is key in consulting. Use your resume to show connections in the industry by listing relevant professional associations or events. Also, indicate if you have led workshops or spoken at conferences.

Consulting often requires specific certifications, such as a CMC (Certified Management Consultant). If you have these, place them prominently on your resume to show your commitment and expertise in the field.

Optimize for ats

Most companies use software called Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to sort and rank resumes. To pass the ATS, you need to follow some rules.

  • Use simple fonts like Arial or Times New Roman. Fancy fonts can confuse the ATS.
  • Include keywords from the job description. If the job mentions 'data analysis' or 'project management,' use these exact terms in your resume.

For consulting roles, mention specific consulting skills like 'client engagement' and 'strategic planning.' These terms are often searched by the ATS.

Customizing your experience

Tailor your resume to fit the specific industry and role you are applying for. Highlight experiences that show your skills and achievements relevant to consulting.

  • For technical roles, include bullet points about the software and methods you used to solve problems. For example: "Implemented SAP solution to increase data accuracy by 15%."
  • For senior roles, show your leadership skills. Mention team sizes and big projects you led. For instance: "Led a team of 10 consultants to complete a $5M project"
  • If you’re changing careers, focus on skills that overlap. For example, "Managed client relationships to improve service delivery."
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