6 Remote Customer Service Resume Examples for 2024

Looking for a remote customer service job? This article offers strong resume examples and helpful advice. Learn how to highlight relevant skills, customer service experience, and remote work capabilities.

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At a Glance

Here's what we see in the best remote customer service resumes:

  • Showing Measurable Impact: The best resumes show impact using numbers. Show time savings, reducing customer support issues, increased customer satisfaction, and average handling time. Metrics matter in this job.

  • Include Relevant Skills: Include skills that you have and are on the job description. Some popular ones are CRM software, ticketing systems, live chat tools, multitasking, and data entry. Choose skills you have and are in the JD.

  • Trends In Virtual Roles: Remote roles look for comfort with digital tools and virtual teams. Show familiarity with remote communication platforms.

Where to list your education

On your resume, the placement of your education section can show hiring managers your current focus. If you are new to customer service roles or recently graduated, place your education near the top of your resume. This highlights your academic accomplishments and relevant coursework that may apply to customer support scenarios.

For those with more experience in customer service, especially in remote settings, list your education after your work experience. Doing so draws attention to your hands-on experience in resolving customer issues and using specific remote communication tools. The key is to make sure the most relevant information to customer service takes prominence. Remember to keep it concise and list any additional skills gained through education that support remote customer engagement.

Highlighting remote experience

Emphasize any remote work experience you have clearly. This shows you can handle the unique challenges of working from home.

List skills that are specific to remote work, like proficiency with remote collaboration tools such as Zoom or Slack and self-management techniques. This will make your resume stand out.

Ideal resume length

For a remote customer service job, keep your resume concise. If you are starting out or have been working for less than a decade, one page is best. It shows you can highlight what matters most. Focus on your relevant work experience and skills that relate to customer support.

Are you more experienced? Two pages can be right for you. But remember, the first page catches the most attention. Only add a second page if you have strong, relevant details that won’t fit on one. Avoid using small text or narrow margins to squeeze in information. Instead, select a clear, easy-to-read layout and include only the most relevant points about your work in customer service.

Showcasing customer service skills

Focus on your strong communication skills. An employer needs to know you can effectively help customers.

Include examples of how you have resolved customer issues or improved customer satisfaction in previous roles. This shows you can handle the demands of customer service.

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