6 Substitute Teacher Resume Examples for 2024

Creating resumes for substitute teachers demands attention to specific skills and experiences. In this article, we provide examples with clear strategies to help you format and highlight key aspects of your background effectively. Focus on classroom management, lesson planning, and adaptability. These tips will increase your chances of securing a job interview.

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At a Glance

Here's what we see in the best substitute teacher resumes.

  • Show Impact With Numbers: The best resumes use numbers to show impact. Metrics seen often include student attendance rates (95%), classroom control (95%), lesson plan completion (100%), and standardized test scores (88%)

  • Include Skills From The Job Description: Include skills on your resume that you have and are mentioned on the job description. Some popular ones are classroom management, lesson planning, grading, student assessments, and teaching software. But don't include all of them, choose the ones you have and are mentioned in the JD.

  • Highlight Flexibility And Adaptability: You need to show flexibility in this role. Use phrases like adapted lessons and managed diverse needs to show you can handle different situations.

Education section placement

If you recently graduated or completed a major educational program, place your education section at the top of your resume. This immediately explains to employers why you may have been out of the workforce.

Otherwise, list your work experience first, especially if you have been in the workforce for some time or have relevant experience. Adjusting the education section's placement can make a strong first impression on school administrators.

Availability and flexibility

Show your availability and willingness to work on short notice. Schools often need substitutes unexpectedly, so flexibility is key.

List your hours of availability clearly and consider adding a brief note about your ability to adapt to different school schedules. This can make you a more attractive candidate.

Keep your resume concise

When applying as a substitute teacher, aim for a resume that is one page long. This length is enough to show your skills without overwhelming the reader. The main goal is to prioritize the most relevant experience and qualifications that match the job. Good use of space and clear headings help the hiring manager find the most important information quickly.

If you have extensive experience that goes beyond 10 years, a two-page resume can be considered. However, make sure that every detail you include adds value and relates to being a substitute teacher. Highlight your classroom management skills and adaptability, as these are crucial for this role. Always remember, shorter resumes reflect your ability to prioritize important information. Avoid small fonts and margins; readability is key.

Highlight teaching versatility

Make sure to show your ability to teach different subjects and grade levels. This versatility is often required and valued in substitute teaching roles.

Include specific examples of subjects and ages you have taught. Highlight any training or certifications you have that show readiness to handle various classroom environments.

Use keywords wisely

To ensure your resume passes through resume screeners and applicant tracking systems (ATS), use relevant keywords for the teaching field. This will help your resume get noticed by the system.

Include words like "classroom management," "lesson planning," and "student assessment." These are common terms that hiring managers look for when reviewing resumes for substitute positions. Make sure these keywords are clearly woven into your job descriptions and skills sections.

Make your resume fit

To get the job as a substitute teacher, your resume should show you are ready to step in and help a class when their regular teacher can't be there. You need a resume that shows you can quickly adapt and manage a classroom. Tailor your resume so it speaks directly to this role.

  • Highlight your experience with different teaching methods or education technology. Use phrases like Managed a classroom using Smart Board interactive displays.
  • Show your ability to adapt by mentioning different subjects or age groups you have taught. For example, Taught English and Math to learners from grades 6-8.
  • If you're new to this area, tie in past jobs that needed strong communication or coordination. For instance, Coordinated weekly team meetings and presentations at ABC Company.
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