5 Entry-Level Sales Rep Resume Examples for 2024

Starting your career as a sales rep? This article will help you. You will see proven resume examples and get good, strategic advice. Learn what hiring managers look for: keywords, relevant skills, clear job histories. Make your resume strong and focused. Get the attention you need for entry-level sales positions.

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At a Glance

Here's what we see in the best resumes for this job.

  • Show Impact With Numbers: Resumes should show impact using numbers. Common metrics include increased sales by, reduced order errors by, improved customer retention by, and boosted lead conversion rate.

  • Tailor Skills To Job Description: Include skills on your resume that you have and are mentioned on the job description. Some popular ones are CRM software, lead generation, cold calling, data analysis, and sales forecasting. But don't include all of them, choose the ones you have and are mentioned in the JD.

  • Highlight Results-driven Phrases: Use results-driven phrases in your resume like achieved sales goals, received sales awards, or exceeded targets. This shows you understand what drives success in sales.

Example #1

Entry-Level Sales Rep
Resume Sample

Your Name
Entry-Level Sales Rep
City, Country  •  (123) 456-789  •  [email protected]  •  linkedin.com/in/your-profile
Coached.com August 2021 - Present
Sales Representative
Surpassed monthly sales targets by 20%, generating over $400,000 in new revenue
Optimized CRM usage, improving lead conversion rates by 15%
Conducted detailed market research to identify new sales opportunities, leading to a 10% portfolio expansion
Collaborated with marketing team to develop sales promotions, resulting in a 25% increase in client engagements
Developed training materials for team, which enhanced the onboarding process and improved performance metrics by 18%
Resume Worded March 2020 - August 2021
Sales Associate
Increased average order value by 22% through strategic upselling techniques
Initiated a customer feedback loop, which contributed to a 15% improvement in product offerings
Achieved a top 10% ranking within the sales team for four consecutive quarters
Apple July 2019 - March 2020
Retail Sales Associate
Enhanced customer satisfaction assessment scores by 25% through excellent product demonstrations
Exceeded monthly sales targets by 18%, contributing to the store's overall performance
Initiated a product bundling campaign that increased accessory sales by 15%
CVS Health June 2018 - July 2019
Sales Intern
Supported senior sales team in achieving monthly quotas by assisting in customer outreach
Streamlined inventory processes, reducing restocking time by 20%
Prepared sales presentations that helped secure over $30,000 in new business
Resume Worded University May 2019
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Specialized in Sales Management and Techniques
Involved in Part-time Sales Internship at CVS Health during final year
Resume Worded Institute September 2021
Certified Professional Sales Person (CPSP)
Accredited by the National Association of Sales Professionals
Acquired during employment at Coached.com
Sales Techniques: Prospecting, Cold Calling, CRM Software (Salesforce, HubSpot), Presentation, Negotiation, Closing Deals
Product Knowledge: Consumer Electronics, Health and Wellness Products, Software Solutions, Market Trends Analysis, Competitor Insight
Technology: Microsoft Office Suite, MacOS, iOS, POS Systems, Email Marketing Software (MailChimp, Constant Contact)
Reporting Tools: Data Analysis (Excel, Google Sheets), Sales Reporting, Forecasting, Pipeline Management
Certifications: Certified Sales Executive (CSE) – Sales and Marketing Executives International (SMEI)
Volunteering: Volunteer Sales Consultant for Non-Profit Organizations – Helping NGOs improve fundraising strategies
Awards: President's Club Award at Coached.com (2022) – For exceeding annual sales target by 25%
Professional Development: Attended National Sales Conference (2020 & 2021) – Enhanced knowledge on emerging sales technologies and methods

Position your education strategically

Place your educational details near the top of your resume. If you are a recent graduate or entering sales as your first job, your education section offers a snapshot of your potential. Highlight any coursework or projects related to sales or customer service. For instance, if you led a group project in a marketing class, this could indicate your leadership and sales potential.

In the education section, also include relevant extracurricular activities or clubs, especially if they involve sales or communication skills. For example, membership in a debate club or a role in student government can show your ability to persuade and negotiate, which are valuable in sales positions. Remember to keep it clear and easy to read, targeting what the hiring manager is looking for in a candidate.

Example #2

Entry-Level Sales Rep
Resume Sample

Your Name
Entry-Level Sales Rep
City, Country  •  (123) 456-789  •  [email protected]  •  linkedin.com/in/your-profile
Enterprise Holdings October 2021 - Present
Sales Representative
Achieved top sales performer status, securing over $550,000 in annual revenue
Utilized HubSpot CRM to manage customer relationships, enhancing lead tracking efficiency by 30%
Conducted product demonstrations that contributed to a 40% increase in closing rates
Developed customer segmentation strategies, resulting in a 25% increase in targeted marketing efforts
Organized monthly sales webinars, boosting client acquisition by 15%
ZipRecruiter January 2020 - October 2021
Sales Consultant
Improved client satisfaction scores by 20% through personalized follow-ups and consultations
Increased annual sales by 18% by identifying and targeting key customer segments
Collaborated with the product team to refine offerings based on customer feedback
Coached.com June 2019 - January 2020
Retail Sales Associate
Enhanced in-store sales by 15% through effective product placements and promotions
Executed holiday sales campaigns that resulted in a 20% increase in revenue
Maintained an average customer satisfaction score of 95%
Target May 2018 - June 2019
Sales Intern
Supported senior sales associates in achieving sales targets by assisting with customer inquiries
Improved merchandising processes, contributing to a 10% increase in product visibility
Analyzed sales data to identify trends, leading to a 5% increase in strategic decisions
Resume Worded University May 2018
Bachelor of Science in Marketing
Concentration in Digital Sales Strategies
Cum Laude Honors, Capstone Project on Consumer Behavior Analytics
Resume Worded Institute March 2021
Certified Professional Sales Person (CPSP)
Credential accredited by the National Association of Sales Professionals
Part-time: Completed certification alongside full-time sales role
Sales Software: Salesforce, HubSpot CRM, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Zoho CRM, Pipedrive, Microsoft Dynamics 365
Communication Tools: Zoom, Slack, MS Teams, Skype for Business, WebEx, GoToMeeting
Data Analysis: Google Analytics, Tableau, Excel (PivotTables, VLOOKUP), SPSS, SQL
Certifications: Certified in Advanced Sales Techniques, Negotiation Mastery, Prospecting and Lead Generation
Awards: Winner of the 2020 Enterprise Holdings 'Rising Star' Sales Award
Professional Development: Completed 'Selling with Stories' Workshop, Advanced Negotiation Workshop
Leadership & Volunteering: Volunteer Sales Mentor for Graduates at the Resume Worded Academic Center, Co-founder of Sales Reps Meetup Group
Projects: Project lead for 'Boost Your Sales' eBook, Authored 'Navigating Customer Objections' Guide

Highlight customer interactions

For a sales rep, your communication skills are crucial. Highlight any experience you have with customer service or direct sales. This shows employers you can interact well with clients.

Mention any specific examples where you successfully handled a difficult customer or closed a sale. These examples help to show your sales capabilities and experience in dealing with people.

Example #3

Junior Sales Representative
Resume Sample

Your Name
Junior Sales Representative
City, Country  •  (123) 456-789  •  [email protected]  •  linkedin.com/in/your-profile
Coached.com March 2022 - Present
Junior Sales Representative
Increased lead follow-up rates by 25% using customized email templates
Helped achieve team sales targets by contributing over $200,000 in new contracts
Conducted in-depth market research that led to identifying 3 new customer segments for targeting
Improved CRM data accuracy by 15%, enhancing overall sales efficiency
Presented weekly sales updates, contributing to strategic planning sessions
Resume Worded September 2020 - March 2022
Sales Associate
Boosted monthly revenue by 18% through targeted upselling and cross-selling campaigns
Initiated customer feedback surveys, leading to a 12% improvement in customer service protocols
Collaborated with senior representatives to develop new client pitches that resulted in a 20% closing rate increase
HP December 2019 - September 2020
Sales Trainee
Completed extensive training in sales techniques, CRM software, and product knowledge
Assisted in organizing sales events that generated 200+ qualified leads
Participated in role-playing sessions to enhance sales and negotiation skills, leading to a 30% improvement in closing rates during practical tests
Walmart May 2018 - December 2019
Retail Sales Assistant
Increased seasonal sales by 10% through effective display management and customer interactions
Handled customer inquiries and complaints, achieving a 95% customer satisfaction score
Implemented inventory labeling system that reduced stock search time by 15%
Resume Worded Institute February 2022
Certified Sales Professional (CSP)
Part-time certification completed alongside Junior Sales Representative role
Focused on advanced selling techniques and customer relationship management
Resume Worded University May 2019
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Concentration in Marketing
Graduated with Cum Laude honors
Sales Tools: Salesforce, HubSpot CRM, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Zoho CRM, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Freshsales
Sales Techniques: Solution Selling, Value-Based Selling, SPIN Selling, BANT, Challenger Sale, Conceptual Selling
Communication: Public Speaking, Pitch Development, Email Outreach, Persuasion, Negotiation, Conflict Resolution
Data Analysis: Excel (Advanced), Google Sheets, Tableau (Basic), SQL (Basic), Data Interpretation
Certifications: Dale Carnegie Sales Training (2021), Advanced Communication and Negotiation (2020)
Continuing Education: Ongoing training in contemporary sales methodologies and digital sales tools
Sales Achievements: Top Sales Associate of Q1 & Q2 at Resume Worded (2021), Winner of Regional Sales Pitch Competition (2020)
Professional Memberships: Member of National Association of Sales Professionals, Active Participant in Sales Hacker Community

Ideal resume length

Your resume should be concise and focus on your most relevant experiences. For an entry-level sales rep position, aim for a single page. Highlight the skills and experiences that relate directly to sales, like any previous customer service positions or projects that demonstrate your ability to engage and persuade.

Keep your layout clean and your text readable. If you find your resume extending beyond one page, review your content to ensure every detail contributes value to your goal of securing a sales position. It's better to provide depth in key areas relevant to sales such as communication skills and performance metrics than to list every detail of your work history.

Example #4

Senior Sales Representative
Resume Sample

Your Name
Senior Sales Representative
City, Country  •  (123) 456-789  •  [email protected]  •  linkedin.com/in/your-profile
Zenefits April 2020 - Present
Senior Sales Representative
Led the sales team to achieve a 35% increase in revenue, generating over $1.2 million annually
Mentored and coached 10 junior representatives, resulting in a 25% improvement in their performance metrics
Implemented a customer relationship management strategy using Salesforce that improved customer retention by 20%
Developed and executed a high-impact sales training program that reduced onboarding time by 30%
Collaborated with product development to tailor offerings to client needs, increasing upsell opportunities by 15%
Coached.com October 2018 - April 2020
Sales Representative
Surpassed sales quotas quarterly by an average of 22%, generating $800,000 in new business revenue
Utilized HubSpot to analyze customer data, increasing lead conversion rate by 18%
Led customer feedback initiatives that improved product satisfaction scores by 20%
LinkedIn June 2017 - October 2018
Sales Associate
Increased departmental revenue by 12% through innovative sales strategies and client retention efforts
Streamlined sales workflow processes, resulting in a 16% increase in team efficiency
Organized and led sales workshops, contributing to an average of 15% skill improvement across the team
Resume Worded May 2016 - June 2017
Sales Intern
Assisted in securing new contracts worth over $100,000 by supporting senior sales team in lead follow-ups
Enhanced CRM data integrity, improving lead tracking accuracy by 10%
Participated in market research projects that helped refine target audience profiles, increasing campaign effectiveness by 20%
Resume Worded Institute May 2020
Master of Business Administration - Sales Management
Thesis on 'Predictive Sales Analytics and Customer Engagement'
Resume Worded University April 2017
Bachelor of Science in Marketing
Graduated with Honors, Concentration in Digital Marketing Strategies
Sales Techniques: Prospecting, Account Management, B2B Sales, Sales Presentations, Negotiation, Closing Techniques
CRM Software: Salesforce (Expert), HubSpot CRM (Intermediate), Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Intermediate)
Marketing Tools: Google Analytics, SEMrush, Moz, Hootsuite, Marketo, Canva
Productivity Software: Microsoft Office Suite, Slack, Asana, Trello, Zoom, Google Workspace
Certifications: Certified Sales Executive (CSE), Advanced Sales Negotiation
Leadership & Volunteering: Volunteer Sales Coach for Startup Accelerator, Mentor at Resume Worded Sales Bootcamp
Industry Contributions: Regular Contributor to 'Sales Hacker' Magazine, Speaker at Annual Sales Strategy Forum 2021
Courses: Advanced Strategies in Digital Marketing, Building High-Performance Sales Teams

Sales-specific keywords

Use terms like 'customer relationship management' and 'sales targets' in your resume. These keywords catch the eye of hiring managers for sales positions. Show your experience with tools like CRM software and your achievements in meeting or exceeding sales goals.

Also, mention any sales training or certifications you have. These details are specific to sales roles and can set you apart from others applying for the same entry-level position.

Example #5

Sales Representative with SaaS Specialization
Resume Sample

Your Name
Sales Representative with SaaS Specialization
City, Country  •  (123) 456-789  •  [email protected]  •  linkedin.com/in/your-profile
HubSpot March 2021 - Present
Sales Representative - SaaS
Achieved 150% of annual sales quota, securing over $500,000 in SaaS subscriptions
Orchestrated product demonstrations that increased conversion rates by 40%
Utilized data analytics to identify market trends, boosting sales strategy efficiency by 25%
Led a cross-functional team in a pilot project, resulting in a 30% increase in user engagement
Implemented personalized email campaigns, improving client retention by 20%
Coached.com August 2019 - March 2021
Sales Associate - SaaS
Improved MRR by 18% through effective client relationship management and upsell strategies
Conducted competitive analysis to refine sales approaches, enhancing close rates by 15%
Developed user onboarding materials, reducing client drop-off rates by 25%
Resume Worded January 2018 - August 2019
Sales Intern
Assisted in SaaS sales campaigns that boosted trial-to-paid conversion rate by 12%
Worked on CRM optimization, leading to a 10% increase in lead follow-up efficiency
Prepared and delivered sales presentations that helped close deals worth $100,000
Zendesk June 2017 - January 2018
Customer Service Representative
Resolved customer inquiries with a 98% satisfaction rate, contributing to loyalty and repeat business
Implemented process improvements that increased helpdesk response speed by 20%
Utilized CRM data to provide insights for developing new customer service strategies
Resume Worded Institute June 2021
Certified SaaS Sales Professional
Coursework focused on advanced SaaS sales strategies and customer lifecycle management
Resume Worded University May 2017
Bachelor of Science - Business Administration
Specialization in Marketing, Part-time during Customer Service Representative role
Cum Laude, Dean's List for 3 consecutive years
CRM Software: HubSpot, Salesforce, Zoho CRM, Pipedrive, Freshsales, Copper CRM
Sales Techniques: Solution Selling, Value-Based Selling, Consultative Sales Approach, SPIN Selling, Challenger Sales, Social Selling
Communication Tools: Slack, Trello, Asana, MS Teams, Google Workspace, Zoom
Productivity Software: Microsoft Office Suite, Google Docs, Sheets, Calendar, Airtable, Notion
Certifications: HubSpot Sales Software Certification (2022), Advanced Negotiation Techniques Certificate (2020)
Awards: Top SaaS Sales Representative of the Year at Coached.com (2020), Presidents Club Award at HubSpot (2022)
Professional Development: Completed ‘High Impact Sales Strategies’ course from Resume Worded Academic Center (2019)
Industry Involvement: Active member of the National Association of Sales Professionals, Regular contributor to 'SaaS Sales Strategies' blog

Resume screeners and ATS

Many companies use resume screeners and Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to sort through applications. You need to make sure your resume is ATS-friendly so it gets seen by a hiring manager.

  • Use standard fonts like Arial or Times New Roman. Avoid using images or graphs.
  • Include job-specific keywords such as "sales targets" or "customer relationship management" that match the job description.
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